Membership Fees

Membership fees are included in order to support the objectives of the organization. They include a payment of 5 US dollars per member of the society. For example, if your organization is composed of 100 members, you will pay a fee of $500 USD. Payments can be made through the IFCPC website at:

Potential New Members

For potential new members, the requirements are as follows:

  1. Send an application in writing to [email protected] together with a copy of its Constitution showing that it satisfies the requirements set out in Article III, Section A (access to Constitution available via;
  2. Declare its intention to abide by the Constitution of the Federation;
  3. Make financial contributions in such amount and at such time as decided by the General Assembly (currently the annual fee is 5 US dollars per member); and,
  4. Has at least ten members.

Upon receipt of these items (e.g., Constitution, dues payment, and contact information sheet), your organisation will then be provisionally accepted into the Federation and presented before the General Assembly at the 2023 World Congress in Cartagena, Colombia. Your Society will then be expected to send one delegate to the two General Assemblies held at the World Congress.