At this time many of us would now be in Hyderabad, India for the 17th World Congress for Cervical Pathology and Colposcopy, however the COVID19 Pandemic has caused major disruption in all plans. I hope you are all keeping well as we move towards the second wave in many areas. It is likely that we will not be able to meet in person till the planned 18th Congress in Cartagena, Colombia 2023.

James Bentley, President IFCPC 2017-2020

The board has been working with the Indian Colposcopy society and we are planning a Virtual Congress for early July 2021, we will update the website as soon as possible. The federation business will be conducted during this time, this will include the two general assembly’s where we will select the venue for 2026 and ratify the new committee.

The Presidency however will transition as planned on the 4th of October 2020. I welcome Dr. Carlos Peres from Colombia as the 18th President of IFCPC.

It has been an honor to serve as president of the federation over the last 3 years. The board has been busy and worked in various projects. The main on is the continued expansion of the IFCPC collaboration with IARC and the training course. This is now available in Latin America, Eastern Europe and throughout East Asia through partnership with WHO-SEARO. Past President Dr Walter Prendiville has been tireless in this work. We are looking at potential modifications to the IFCPC Nomenclature and will report to you all at the Congress.

I’d like to remind national societies to suggest volunteers for the committee’s and officers of the federation. We also do need confirmation of interest to host the 2026 congress. Using the usual rotation this should be from a European National Society.

This would have been an opportune time for the Congress. The WHO led initiatives to eliminate cervical cancer can only be done with the implementation of quality colposcopy globally. There remains much work to be done Colposcopy remains central to the evaluation of abnormal screening tests. It is imperative that we work together to implement effective triage, communicate using globally accepted terminology and provide effective treatment of precancerous abnormalities. Screening has also been affected by COVID-19 with cessation of programs in many countries. It is ever more important that providers use appropriate guidance to manage abnormal tests, so that women are treated appropriately and in a timely fashion.

Once again I thank you for your support and I welcome Dr. Carlos Peres as the 18th President of IFCPC.

James Bentley

President IFCPC 2017-2020