IFCPC Presidents message

Dear friends,

It has been a busy year since we met in Orlando. The 16th world congress was truly a successful event thanks to the hard work of the host society, the ASCCP. The new board has been elected and we are looking forward to a productive 3 years before the 2020 World Congress in Hyderabad, India. I’d like to thank Walter Prendiville for his tireless work over the last 3 years as President and look forward to his continued efforts with the Education Committee.
Despite the important work done with secondary prevention and more recently primary prevention we still have much work to do in decreasing the worldwide impact of cervical cancer. In many parts of the world, cervical screening is a relatively recently implemented technology. Any reduction in cervical cancer rates relies on quality colposcopy to identify significant abnormalities and then colposcopic guidance for treatment. Collaboration from national societies, regional federations and the IFCPC is more important than ever.
The International Federation will continue to strive to fill its mandate as detailed in the constitution:

• Stimulate basic and applied research and the diffusion of knowledge in matters related to cervical pathology and colposcopy;
• Stimulate the creation of national societies;
• Contribute to the standardization of terminology and evaluation of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in the field of cervical pathology and colposcopy;
• Hold World Congresses at regular intervals, each held successively in a different country;
• Take part in and, where possible, sponsor regional or national congresses organized by affiliated societies;
• Where possible, help co-ordinate the dates of conferences which are relevant to the field of cervical pathology and colposcopy;
• Collaborate with affiliated societies whenever joint scientific action is appropriate; and,
• Nurture international and regional collaborative efforts related to training or research in cervical pathology and colposcopy.

To fulfil these lofty aims we did have the successful meeting in Orlando and look forward to the 2020 World Congress to be held in Hyderabad India. Voting during the 2017 congress selected Cartagena, Colombia for 2023, after spirited presentations!
The IFCPC web site (www.ifcpc.org) has been updated and I invite you to contact myself if you have items for posting. The federation does continue to expand with new membership from national societies from China, Bangladesh and Sweden.
Over the last 12 months I have been honored by being invited to participate at National Society meetings in China, Brazil and Mexico, these meetings were well attended and demonstrate the continued need for quality colposcopic education, training and practice.
The training course continues to expand and now is partnered with IARC. The IFCPC-IARC training course is active in Latin America, India, and Eastern Europe. The Eastern Europe course is the largest with 200+ candidates currently enrolled. This is supported by an ongoing grant from the UNFPA.
As we look around the globe guidelines and standards continue to evolve. The board will be looking at these and planning to develop internationally acceptable standards for colposcopic practice and management which will be presented in Hyderabad. This Important project will need enthusiastic support of National societies.
Finally I’d like to ask you for feedback and ideas, the Federation has member societies and as such is there anything else we can do for you?

Once again thank you for your support of IFCPC

James Bentley
President IFCPC
Halifax NS, Canada
March 2018

James Bentley, President IFCPC