Dear National Societies,

Please see the presentations (links below) for potential sites for the 2026 World Congress. These will be presented during the upcoming First General Assembly on June 27th and voted on during the Second General Assembly on July 2nd.

Note voting is according to national societies, i.e. one person votes per society. The number of votes is dependent on membership size.  Per the bylaws:

Based on the following schedule, each national Society represented at the General Assembly shall be entitled to votes proportional to its membership. Delegates of a national society owing past or current fiscal year contributions shall not vote. The ratio of membership proportionality to voting shall be calculated as follows:

10 – 50 members 1 vote

51 – 100 members 2 votes

101 – 200 members 3 votes

201 – 500 members 4 votes

501 – 1000 members 5 votes

Over 1000 members 6 votes

The allocation of votes per national society will be fixed one year prior to the opening date of the World Congress based upon the contributions paid for that fiscal year. This level of contribution must then be maintained during the World Congress year.

Please review and vote at the meeting.

Netherlands – click here to download presentation (PowerPoint)

Nigeriaview presentation videobid document (PDF)

Franceview presentation video