1. What you may expect to learn

  1. The full spectrum of required theoretical knowledge relating to the management of women with suspected cervical precancer
  2. How to manage women in the colposcopy clinic by performing colposcopic examinations and interviews with 100 women (50 under direct supervision and 50 indirectly

2. What you will be required to do

  1. Listen to one of 28+ lectures once a week for 6 months
  2. Answer the Q and A of the weekly lecture and submit your answers on line
  3. Print out your document file
    1. Log book
    2. Competence list

3. What you will have to provide to your trainer

  1.  Bring your log book and competency forms to your trainee at each visit to the clinic for him/her to sign off (each case and each competency)

4. How will you be assessed

  1. Assessment of your log book by your clinic trainer
  2. Assessment of the submitted and complete log book online to the project manager of the course (EB) when it is complete
  3. By satisfying the examiners at an end of course OSCE exam

5. What you need to do before applying for registration on the course

  1. Answer the required Trainee Questionnaire which is available on line.