IFCPC-IARC Training course in Colposcopy and the prevention of Cervical CancerOverview

An overview of the course and its evolution over the last three years is available by PDF download (see side panel). In short the course is designed to train colleagues in Low and Middle Income Countries who would like to care for screen positive women and women with precancerous cervical disease. The course is in modular form and it’s components are

  • A theoretical component delivered over 6 months in the form of approximately 30 video recorded lectures which are available at a rate of one per week.
  • Each lecture is followed by a short questionnaire which the trainee answers and submits on line on a weekly basis.
  • 30 batches of histology and other lab results are also delivered on a once per week basis
  • A practical hands on clinic attendance is mandatory at some time during the year whereby the trainee will manage.

– 50 directly supervised cases (half new cases, 10 high grade).

– 50 indirectly supervised cases (half new cases, 10 high grade)

  • Each nominated course trainer will have attended a Train the Trainers seminar and will have sufficient case throughput and time to undertake the training and assessment required.
  • Each nominated course trainer will sign off the log book and competency forms.
  • An Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) will be held at the end of the year for trainees who have satisfactorily completed the above components and been signed off by their trainers.
  • Successful examination candidates will receive an IFCPC-IARC certificate of course completion. (images, details).

1. What you may expect to learn

  1. The full spectrum of required theoretical knowledge relating to the management of women with suspected cervical precancer
  2. How to manage women in the colposcopy clinic by performing colposcopic examinations and interviews with 100 women (50 under direct supervision and 50 indirectly

2. What you will be required to do

  1. Listen to one of 25+ lectures once a week for 6 months
  2. Answer the Q and A of the weekly lecture and submit your answers on line
  3. Print out your document file (see side panel)
    1. Log book
    2. Competence list

3. What you will have to provide to your trainer

  1.  Bring your log book and competency forms to your trainee at each visit to the clinic for him/her to sign off (each case and each competency)

4. How will you be assessed

  1. Assessment of your log book by your clinic trainer
  2. Verification of the submitted and complete log book online to the project manager of the course (EB) when it is complete
  3. By satisfying the examiners at an end of course OSCE

5. What you need to do before applying for registration on the course

  1. Contact your clinic trainer – current list

We welcome interest from experienced colposcopists who would like to become trainers on this course. There are a few routine requirements to becoming a trainer and these are

– That you fill out the attached questionnaire and send it to the project manager
– You have sufficient cases with the spectrum of cervical disease to be able to take on one or more trainees
– You are able to attend a ‘Training the Trainers’ seminar before starting the course.  Where appropriate and feasible the project manager will arrange for a ‘Training the Trainers’ seminar in your region.


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Course Overview – Download
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