You can now register for the 2020-2024 IFCPC-IARC training courses in colposcopy and the prevention of cervical cancer.

Course 1 – The IFCPC-IARC training course in colposcopy and the prevention of cervical cancer – ENTIRE COURSE

Course 2 – The IFCPC-IARC training course in colposcopy and the prevention of cervical cancer – THEORY & IMAGE CASE ONLY.


1 Introduction Walter Prendiville
2 The Equipment Walter Prendiville
3 Physiology & Colposcopy of Normal and Abnormal Cervical Epithelium Giovanni Miniello
4 Systematic colposcopic examination Walter Prendiville
5 Colposcopy exam of the normal cervix Patrick Walker
6 Abnormal findings at colposcopy Jim Bentley
7 Colposcopic nomenclature and useful scoring systems Bjorn Strander
8 VAIN, VIN John Tidy
9 Basics of Cervical Cytology Parts 1 & 2 Dr Sylla Malvi
10 Visual Inspection screening techniques (VIA) Parts 1 & 2 Partha Basu
11 The LAST Project: Polishing the Gold Standard Teresa Darragh
12 The Biology of Human Papilloma Virus cervical infection John Doorbar
13 Human Papillomavirus (HPV) and Cervical Intraepith Neerja Bhatla
14 The management of minor grade abnormalities Grainne Flannelly
15 Difficult Colposcopic Circumstances and Physiological Variations T Freeman-Wang
16 Treatment of CIN 1 : excision Walter Prendiville
17 Electrosurgical excision Introduction LLETZ 1 Walter Prendiville
18 The physics of electrosurgery LLETZ 2 Gail Billings
19 Electrosurgical excision LLETZ 3 – avoiding injury Walter Prendiville
20 Electrosurgical Excision LLETZ 4 – simulation exercises Walter Prendiville
21 LLETZ – problem solving Partha Basu
22 Excision, morbidity and safety Walter Prendiville
23 Treatment of CIN 2: Ablation Wendy McMullen
24 Follow up after treatment Pierre Martin-Hirsch
25 Microinvasive disease Adeola Olaitan
26 Treatment of invasive cancer Partha Basu
27 Screening initiatives in the developing world Partha Basu
28 Global Perspective on HPV Immunisation and Cervical Cancer Prevention M. Cruickshank
29 HPV vaccination in Australia, a success story Julia Brotherton
30 Self sampling, the Malaysian experience Woo Yin Ling